82 Fukakusainarionmae-cho , Fushimi ward , Kyoto cit
business hours
10:00 ~16:30 * last orders 16:00
We will close irregularly.
seating capacity
1F 8 tables , 2F 5 tables and 4 low tables
the nearest station
◆ Keihan Railway , FUSHIMIINARI station ◆JR Nara line , INARI station
Unagi kabayaki ( a broiled eel )
- current price
(3 kinds of sushi assorted : mackerel , inari , futomaki ) - 1,500yen
Nezameya set
(Unagi don andKitsune udon )
- 2,200yen
  • Nishin soba
    (buckwheat noodles wiith herring )
    - 1,200 yen
  • Kitsune udon
    ( noodles with seasoned fried-bean-curds )
    - 800 yen
  • ...and many others
NEZAMEYA - the conquerer Hideyoshi Toyotomi gave it name after his beloved woman.

It was Hideyoshi Toyotomi , who accomplished to rule over the whole country at
Azuchi-Momoyama era , named our shop "NEZAMEYA" One day, to pray for his mother's health , he visited Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine. After he worshipped the shrine and looked about for a place to take some rest.
But almost shops near the shrine didn't open because it was very early in the morning. At last he found that only our shop was open at that time , he was very pleased
and had a tea break. As a reward , Hideyoshi gave the name of our shop "NEZAMEYA " and especially
a chinese letter "祢" (ne) was given from the name of his wife NENE. After that we welcome constantly lots of visitors of Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine
in this place for 500 years.
For having a good time each person in our shop , we request all of our guests
several cooperations the following,
  • 1) In our shop , please don't eat and drink anything you carry in.
  • 2) Please order at least one dish per one person.
  • 3) When the shop is crowded , please share a table with other guests.
  • 4) If you finished your meal , we are very sorry for that , please leave your seat puickly for other waiting guests.
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